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By nabspatialize, Sep 11 2014 02:34PM

I have put together a 2hr live spatialize set and am available now for UK/European/USA bookings in 2015. Please contact me for more info. I will come armed and ready to jam on my favourite little Novation X Station Synth and a whole load of Analogue plugins. Spatialize, through a PA system, takes on quite an uplifting life of it's own. Hope to see you all out there.

By nabspatialize, Sep 11 2014 02:31PM

Making a playlist of really early Spatialize material that i'm going to master into album length and put on bandcamp for free/pay what you want download. It's a collection of tapes, demos and includes an EP that was put out by Dionysus in Sheffield. One of the tracks was featured on a Future Music CD cover back in 1998 and it will also contain the demo that won top tape in Sound on Sound magazine in 2000.

If you like the sound of an enthusiastic bloke in his bedroom trying to translate the sound of his wanderings and youthful lust for life through an atari, a cheap sampler, a tape 4 track and a few synths then this is the one for you. It's a lovely trip down memory lane for me and I'm geniunely pleased at the quality of the sound, given the basic gear I was using.

By nabspatialize, Sep 11 2014 02:02PM

Stream it here

and buy on cd here

By nabspatialize, Sep 11 2014 02:01PM

come and get your 'like sabres' out here

By nabspatialize, Sep 11 2014 01:51PM

Link to Experiments in Silence project page here. deep, dark, beautiful, late night listening with contributions from Ishq and Cloudcycle.

By nabspatialize, Sep 11 2014 01:47PM

Yes, yes, I know, it's been almost 2 years since last posting on here! Haven't done much music in that period as it all started to seem a bit pointles what with the way of the music industry these days. And yes I know there's a whole load of completed music sitting on a hard drive doing nothing but......I have had a nice holiday in Goa, recorded an Experiments in Silence album and sorted out my live set full of my new juicy music in the past couple of years. I've not been staring at a wall all this time.

So anyway, I'm going to try and get things moving a bit now. I'm posting more often on Facebook now so you can come and "like" spatialize there.

By nabspatialize, Jun 1 2012 12:26AM

Ok. First proper post here. A Spatialize Remix of Quintessence by Ooze will be available on a new bonus remix CD on the forthcoming reissue of 'Where the Fields Never End' album on the Aleph Zero label. The CD is being sorted out as we speak. I will post a link here when it's done.