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south west


By nabspatialize, Aug 22 2016 06:49PM

There is nothing going on in the Spatial world.

Abdolutely nothing.

Not a sausage.

By nabspatialize, Mar 7 2016 06:04AM

Well the next album is about 50% complete and I seem to have gone off the script and am writing a bit of trancey techno at the moment. Not sure exactly how that is going to fit in at the moment but it will be interesting to find out :).

By nabspatialize, Jan 14 2016 08:20PM

New Spatialize track called Zen in Frankfurt being released in feb 2016 on compilation album by Moscow based label Mystic Sound Records. Features guitar sampled from a very very old session with my old freind and musical cohort Robin Hughes. Cheers Rob!

By nabspatialize, Jan 14 2016 08:14PM

Spatialize track on Strange Eyed Constellations, a compilation album by Toby Marks of Banco de Gaia on Disco Gecko Records.

By nabspatialize, Aug 9 2015 07:04PM

Well it's been a healthy old break from live work but now Spatialize is warming up the synths again and will be appearing at the Dreaming Awakening Psy-chill party in kiev, Ukraine on Sept 19, 2015.

By nabspatialize, Dec 2 2014 09:18PM

Well all that material just kept bunching up without a release so it's coming in the form of 2 brand new albums on one day.

Pencil in 03 December 2014 into your diary to check for

"On The Edge Of Forever" and "Radial".

By nabspatialize, Sep 11 2014 05:24PM

Spatalize Ooze remix of their Quintessence track was released on Aleph Zero rerelease quite a while ago. In case you didn't know, Ooze is the solo project of one half of Minilogue, Sebastian Mullert. Check it here.