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Spatialize is the project of Neil Butler, UK.  The Spatialize sound of highly textured sonic ambience, unusual synchopated time signatures, solid space grooves and heavy basslines, all topped off with a pinch of synth psychedelia, has graced some of the finest chill-out rooms and festivals in the UK in the early 2000 decade.


Initally inspired acts such as Banco de Gaia, The Orb and Ozric Tentacles, Neil has been slowly maturing and developing his own sonic signature in the beauty and quiet of the South West of England over the 2000 decade. Neil cut his teeth on budget Atari / Sampler / Synth bedroom set-ups in the early 2000 decade, gaining top reviews for his early tapes in Future Music and Sound on Sound (Top Tape 2000).  Live gigs started relatively quickly with the debut in 2001 at Dionysus Sound System, through whom the early “Walking Between Worlds" EP was made available.


After a bit of globe trotting and studio upgrading, by 2004 Spatialize was ready to release 'Dryad’s Bubble', described by Ott as “a classic, instant feel good factor”.  Gigs followed at the UK's finest chill-out rooms, ID Spiral, Tribe of Frog etc and included main stage support slots to trance legends System 7 and Eat Static etc. Meanwhile, a further move into modern software based music production led to the 2006 psy-chill mini-album 'In the Midst of Myriads”, a well regarded release praised by Morpheus Music for it’s “energetic luxuriance” and “crystal clear production”.


A production hiatus ensued for a few years, but by 2010 the recording cycle was firmly on track and continued until late 2013, pausing only to remix Ooze and to move to Cornwall. This period led to the production of three brand new Spatialize albums, two of which were released 3rd December 2014 as a special dual digital release (On the Edge of Forever and Radial), and the development of a soundscape project called Experiments in Silence which released it’s debut ‘Hidden Harmonic’ on TXT Recordings in 2014.